California Kiddos

California True Soap's, Gentle Baby, and sensitive skin products. We have Baby no scent added Castile bar soap and moisturizers are best for your baby. This product line doubles (and more) the amount of California olive oil in its formulations. It is perfect for keeping baby and sensitive skin and scalp moisturized and protected.

And did we mention all ingredients are natural, unlike commercial baby products? The key to our great products is we use super-hydration and high super-fat formulas that are exceptionally gentle and we incorporate only safe, skin-loving plant-based oils along with all-natural ingredients that are mild and nourishing. 

California Gentle Baby & Sensitive soaps are simply the best soap in its category, but there is one hitch: Because it is all-natural and NO chemicals added it’s not tear-free, so when bathing your little one you’ll need to protect your little one’s eyes, let no soap go near your babies eyes.

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