About Us

Hello and Welcome to California True Soap by FSHG Company, making natural and handmade soap and lotion products good for Every Body.

The California True Soap brand was created with individuals with skin concerns and needs in mind. As the company's founder, I have always enjoyed making things with my hands and helping people.

Over the years, I started making soap and moisturizers at home. Because I can only use so much soap, I started giving some of the soap I made away. Then the strangest thing happens. I began receiving requests from family and friends for regular shipments of my soaps and lotions. The requests for soap, lotion, and balms became so frequent that our soap and moisturizer store was born from these requests.  

Family and friends shared how their skin and their children's skin had sensitivities to commercial soaps. So, every bar of soap, lotion, and balm in the store was formulated and handcrafted from scratch because of the request of someone in my life. 

The interests of our customers are always our top priority. So we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you. 



Our goal is to provide high-quality clean natural products that are good for you and the planet.